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What we do

Flanders Brush Makers is a unique player in the European brush industry. Two established names, Bhobo and Bobrush, joined forces to launch Flanders Brush Makers. Flanders Brush Makers occupies a position in the brush landscape next to the existing activities of Bhobo and Bobrush. In their joint venture the companies maximise their knowledge, network, and more than 200 years of experience.



Consumers are looking for convenient and trustworthy tools and prefer a trendy and sustainable design to a cheaper alternative. Flanders Brush Makers is clearly a leader in new high-quality Belgian products – innovative and attractive brushes entirely produced in Flanders. In this way we make a difference for our customers – the merchants – by increasing their brush sales with strong brands and private label products. We make a difference for end users with attractive products that make cleaning faster and more pleasant. Affordable products that last longer.


Local production, a strong design and sustainability are the core values that enable Flanders Brush Makers to make a significant difference. Our vision is to continue innovating and investing in brush products. At Flanders Brush Makers, wooden brush blocks are made exclusively of FSC timber. This means that replanting of trees is very strictly regulated. At Flanders Brush Makers we choose high-quality materials to give consumers brushes that last longer.

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Sustainability and FSC certification

Local production in Belgium

Quality and longer life

Smart and trendy designs