Brushes for gutters

Gutter brushes stop excess dirt and debris in gutters and drainpipes. They are already very popular in the US and are taking over the market in Western Europe. Flanders Brush Makers produces gutter brushes mainly for suppliers of building materials and DIY businesses.

Why use gutter brushes?

  • Avoid blockages

    A blocked drainpipe can cause a great deal of damage to the home. In a lot of cases, leaves and twigs are the culprit. Gutter brushes are a surprisingly simple and budget-friendly way of avoiding this. Flanders Brush Makers’ gutter brushes distinguish themselves with their stiff bristles that catch the leaves and only allow water through.

  • Pure rainwater

    The 3D structure of Flanders Brush Makers’ gutter brushes means that water is not held back and can still flow smoothly. The rainwater is also purer.

  • Easy installation

    The gutter brushes hook together to form one long brush, so they are easily adaptable for every gutter.

Our gutter brushes

Why Flanders Brush Makers?

We are convinced as a family business that the success of Flanders Brush Makers is largely due to the values that we have cherished for more than 75 years. More than ever before, we see it as our duty to continue to watch over these values so that future generations can continue to produce brushes in Belgium in a socially responsible, economical and ecological way.

  • Sustainability & FSC® certification
  • Private label
  • Quality & durability
  • 100% Belgian
  • Clever & trendy designs