Brushes for DIY and retail chains

Flanders Brush Makers’ products are sold all over Western Europe. You will find them - mostly under private label - in both DIY chains, like HUBO, Gamma and Leroy Merlin, and retail, like Lakelands, Galleria, Kaufhauf, Clas-Ohlson, Colruyt, etc.

Why use brushes from Flanders Brush Makers?

  • Belgian production

    Flanders Brush Makers’ products are manufactured locally in Izegem, and have been since 1944. Those years of experience, the expertise and close ties with the market ensure constant renewal of the brush range. Flanders Brush Makers invested in the latest CNC machines and can rely on a dedicated team.

  • FSC label

    Brushes from Flanders Brush Makers carry the FSC label so that the consumer is guaranteed that the wood comes from forests monitored by independent official bodies for their forest management, therefore meeting the strictest social, economic and environmental criteria.

  • Fast delivery

    Thanks to its local production and its permanent contact with the Western European market (both supply and demand), Flanders Brush Makers stands out for its very fast delivery times.

Why Flanders Brush Makers?

We are convinced as a family business that the success of Flanders Brush Makers is largely due to the values that we have cherished for more than 75 years. More than ever before, we see it as our duty to continue to watch over these values so that future generations can continue to produce brushes in Belgium in a socially responsible, economical and ecological way.

  • Sustainability & FSC® certification
  • Private label
  • Quality & durability
  • 100% Belgian
  • Clever & trendy designs