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Flanders Brush Makers has been producing innovative and stylish brushes for more than 75 years. Flanders Brush Makers is meeting the increasing demand for products ‘Made in Belgium’, where local production, innovation and sustainability come first.

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At Flanders Brush Makers you’ll find strong own brands and tailor-made, private label solutions. Wooden brush blocks are only made at Flanders Brush Makers with FSC wood. The choice for high-quality raw materials means that we consciously manufacture brushes that last a long time.

About Flanders Brush Makers

Flanders Brush Makers is a Belgian manufacturer of brushes dedicated to creating high-quality products, whether they be own brands or private-label solutions. Since 1944 Flanders Brush Makers has been specialising in various niche areas of the brush industry: fibre brushes, brushes for weed control, feather dusters, etc.

70% of its products are exported to wholesalers in Western Europe.

Our core values

We are convinced as a family business that the success of Flanders Brush Makers is largely due to the values that we have cherished for more than 75 years. More than ever before, we see it as our duty to continue to watch over these values so that future generations can continue to produce brushes in Belgium in a socially responsible, economical and ecological way.

Sustainability & FSC® certification

We keep the ecological footprint of our products as small as possible by using natural raw materials and FSC® wood. This is also how we maximise the serviceable life of our products.

Private label

As a manufacturer, we produce private-label brushes that completely fit into an existing range.

Quality & durability

The deliberate choice of high-quality raw materials ensures that we manufacture brushes that last a long time.

Clever & trendy designs

Applying our years of experience and extensive expertise, we continue to innovate and develop our range.

100% Belgian

Flanders Brush Makers’ products are manufactured locally in Izegem, and have been since 1944.

Working at Flanders Brush Makers

At Flanders Brush Makers, we think it is important that our employees are team players, that they are given sufficient independence and that they have a say in things. We engage our team players by training them to have multiple skills, giving them a variety of tasks and allowing them to manage as much of the entire production process as possible. 

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Our latest news

Is there a lot to say about brushes? Of course there is! The world of brushes is extremely innovative and multifaceted, which is why we like to share our knowledge and passion with our regular news messages and blogs.

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