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Flanders Brush Makers is a leader in new high-quality Belgian products, with a line of innovative and stylish brushes entirely produced in Flanders. Flanders Brush Makers is responding to the rising demand for products Made in Belgium, with a focus on local manufacturing, innovation and sustainability.

Flanders Brush Makers is a joint venture of two established names in the brush industry: Bhobo and Bobrush. With their combined expertise, a strong network and more than 200 years of experience, Flanders Brush Makers offers unique high-quality brushes throughout Europe.

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Flanders Brush Makers offers both strong house brands and private label products made to measure. At Flanders Brush Makers, wooden brush blocks are made exclusively of FSC timber. We intentionally choose high-quality materials to make brushes that last longer.

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Our values

Sustainability and FSC certified

100% Belgian

Quality and longer life

Smart and trendy designs

Our machinery

Flanders Brush Makers has invested in advanced, brand-new machinery. This gives us a tremendous advantage in flexible production. Our machines allow us to make a wide range of assorted sweeping brushes, such as hand brushes, whisk brooms, French brooms, push brooms, scrubbing brushes and even more, in all sizes and shapes. Our short set-up times allow us to produce both small and large runs as well as private label products. Flanders Brush Makers is your ideal brush manufacturer for volumes from 1,000 to 10,000 pieces.

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