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Bobrush, previously known as the brush manufacturer Bourez-Kesteloot, originated in Izegem as a producer of traditional brooms. Shortly after the turn of the millennium, Bourez-Kesteloot transformed into a wholesaler of cleaning products and changed its name to Bobrush. To accommodate strong growth, the company relocated to new premises in Ardooie. Today Bobrush focuses on supplying products to all retail and DIY players in the Benelux. An extensive range of products, a high level of service, and managed shelf restocking are the company’s main strengths.


Bhobo was established in 1944 as Borstelfabriek Hochepied in Izegem as a specialised manufacturer of wire brushes. Today Bhobo is active as a producer in various niche segments of the brush industry. The company makes more than 1 million wire brushes per year. Through acquisitions in recent years, Bhobo has expanded its product range with brushes for weed control and street cleaning and has become a specialist in the production of ostrich-feather dusting brushes Bhobo is primarily active in the export sector, with 70% of its products exported to wholesalers in Western Europe.


Quality is top priority at Flanders Brush Makers. Every day our team of more than 30 brush experts work on your products with enthusiasm, commitment, flexibility and speed. These are the foundations on which the Flanders Brush Makers team and its suppliers grow. The combined strengths of Bhobo and Bobrush provide intensive production knowledge, a feel for the market, and enormous experience in the brush industry. Do you have an idea for a brush? We would be pleased to help you.


Manager: Alain Deceuninck (Manager bobrush)
Manager: Christophe Hochepied (Manager bhobo)
HR+production: Hanne Corteville (Manager bhobo)
Sales manager export: Vincent Turpyn
Inside sales service: Vanessa Naert
Purchase manager: Benoit Verlinde


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