Brushes for solar panels

Did you know that beech martens and large bird species are the main culprits for damaging solar panels? This is because the rubber on solar panels gives off a strong fishy smell. This attracts animals that damage cables or build a nest under the panels resulting in insufficient ventilation.

Flanders Brush Makers offers you, the professional installer of solar panels, a solution with its handy solar panel brushes.

Why use solar panel brushes from Flanders Brush Makers?

  • Avoid nesting and damage

    The cylindrical brushes are placed between the roof tiles and the solar panels. Birds can no longer nest there and cannot reach the cables or other components so damage is prevented.

  • Easy cleaning

    We offer an extensive range of hard and soft brushes for cleaning solar panels. You simply screw the brushes onto our aluminium handles which allow water to pass through them. You then connect a garden hose to the handle and start cleaning from the ground, balcony or a skylight.

  • Extra service for your customers

    Give your customer some cleaning brushes they can use themselves to maintain their solar panels. If they use them often enough, you will avoid problems later due to poor maintenance. That’s a good idea, isn't it?

  • Economical solution

    Our solar panel brushes are easy to install.

Discover our brushes for solar panels

Why Flanders Brush Makers?

We are convinced as a family business that the success of Flanders Brush Makers is largely due to the values that we have cherished for more than 75 years. More than ever before, we see it as our duty to continue to watch over these values so that future generations can continue to produce brushes in Belgium in a socially responsible, economical and ecological way.

  • Sustainability & FSC® certification
  • Private label
  • Quality & durability
  • 100% Belgian
  • Clever & trendy designs